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Chris Allen

My Projects


Blog Articles

Articles on things I find interesting and updates on other projects and events.

Dark Mysteries Podcast

Podcast on the subjects of Paranormal, True Crime, Cryptozoology, UFO’s, and more

Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours with Haunted Savannah Tours and Destination: Ghost Tours.


Various books and upcoming projects.


Photography by Chris Allen

Paranormal Research

Research and Investigations into claims of the paranormal with the Department of Paranormal Research.

About Me

Chris is a Paranormal Researcher who has investigated some of the most haunted locations across the United States as well as residential cases. He is the owner of Haunted Savannah Tours which was founded in 2010 as well as Destination: Ghost Tours which offers tours in many other US cities. He is an author and lecturer on paranormal phenomena and is host of the Dark Mysteries Podcast. Chris is also a member of the Society for Psychical Research and MUFON.

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